An Ode to the People I’ve Met, and the People I Will Meet on my Journey


Hello you beautiful soul.

I know our time is short.

But may we talk for a while?

Here I am, far from familiarity.

I just want to know you.

I want to know your experiences.

I want to hear your stories.

I want to take a piece of you with me.

And I’ll leave a piece of me with you.

Tell me your dreams.

Tell me your goals.

Maybe you’ll inspire me.

Give me some perspective.

Help me keep my mind open.

You view the world with a different lens.

Let’s both experience the same thing,

And then recount our observations.

Let’s talk about why our opinions differ.

Let’s laugh about stories that weren’t funny at the time.

Let’s laugh about stories that were.

Let’s just laugh and smile.

Let’s do something new together.

Let’s have a great day and talk about it over dinner and drinks.

Let’s make plans for the future.

Let’s be hopeful about meeting again.

We both accept the uncertainty of it.

I won’t talk about it, if you don’t.

We know better than to talk about it.

It hurts to be with you now,

Knowing you’ll soon be gone.

I must put it out of my mind.

Today we must be happy.

For today, we’re friends.

I won’t see you tomorrow.

I don’t know when I’ll see you again.

You’re in my heart, though.

I’ll see you in my memories.

I’ll laugh to myself about the fun we had.

Although I’m sad to part ways,

I’m happy to know you’re following your dreams.

I picture you achieving.

It makes my heart feel full.

Thank you for the time we spent together.

Thank you for letting me know you,

Even just for a few days.

For now our paths are parallel.

Maybe someday they’ll cross again.

Maybe one of us will make sure they cross.

I’ll save up for a plane ticket, just in case.

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