Cooling Off in the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

The travel books and blogs stated that the Cameron Highlands was a good place in Malaysia to escape the heat. That was enough for me to be sold on it, but it was also a fantastic place to travel. The landscape was like nothing I’d ever seen. It stretched on for miles and there were so many different aspects that made up the landscape. It was breathtaking. The town was also slow paced and quiet. It was a great place to chill out, in multiple senses of the word. Here are a few highlights of my time in the Cameron Highlands

Boh Tea Plantation/Strawberry Farm/Jungle Trekking

The walks between the plantation and the farm were much more scenic than the places themselves. Rolling hills filled with tea plants didn’t seem to ever end. They made such a beautiful pattern. The tea plantation was nice because we were able to sit out on a scenic overlook and drink some of the tea from the field.


Rolling Tea Fields


Tea Leaves


Workers in the Tea Fields


Landscape and Texture that Goes on Forever


In Among the Tea Leaves


Fresh Tea from Boh Tea Plantation



We then made the long trek up to the strawberry farm. The farm had juicy and delicious strawberries that we took a scissors and picked ourselves. The worker there want to take funny pictures of us and the strawberries.


View of the Strawberry Farm


Inside the Strawberry Farm


Our Pick of Strawberries


So Tasty


Our Attempt at Making a Silly Picture

After some time there, we decided to walk the rest of the way up the mountain to the overlook. Once we reached the top, we were up in the clouds so we couldn’t see much. It was still really fun to be up walking in the canopy.


View on the Way Up to the Top of the Mossy Forest


Up in the Canopy


It Was a Long Hike Up There


View From the Top


Feeling Accomplished

We decided to trek through the jungle on the way down. We passed by some European girls on the way who suggested we not go through the jungle because we will get super muddy. We said we wanted the adventure, and they shook their heads saying, “You’ll have a laugh”. They were right, we did have a laugh about it. It was so muddy, but also super fun to climb down through the branches and rocks.


Into the Jungle We Go


At Least There Was Plenty to Grab Onto





I was much muddier than Curt, but luckily a cab driver was willing to drive us back into town with my muddy clothes. It was quite a long walk during the day and we were really exhausted after, but it was a day with so many exciting things and beautiful sights. It was well worth the walking.

Trail Hiking

There were many trails to hike around the area. The jungle trek was one, and we also took a more paved path from Brinchang to Tanah Rata. The trail connects the two towns and Parit Waterfall is in between them. It was a really gorgeous view with the little building above the waterfall. There were many other trails of varying difficulty that could have been explored if we had more time.


Heading to the Falls


Parit Waterfall


Pretty Cool

Temple Viewing We walked through Sam Poh Temple in Brinchang. It was covered in ornate gold figurines and smelled of incense. The faces on the sculptures were formed with amazing detail. It was a very quiet and peaceful place to walk through. It was the first Buddhist Temple that’d I’d walked through, so it had quite the impact on me seeing the enormous sculptures and everything covered in gold.


The Massive Entryway to the Temple


Dragon Guardian


Massive Golden Sculptures


I Love His Facial Expression


Very Intricate Sculptures

Eating The most local dish that we ate in Cameron Highlands was the steamboat, which is a fondue pot filled with broth that you drop all assortment of delicious meats, mushrooms, greens, and tofu into. It was a huge meal, but the taste of the broth after all of the items were cooked into it was unmatched. We also indulged in a few Indian dishes, which I never remember to take pictures of. I love it so much that I just dig in immediately without snapping a pic first.


Where Do We Begin?


Non Spicy and Spicy

We also witnessed a parade where I was able to snap my favorite picture in Malaysia.


I Just Love His Energy and Enthusiasm

Buses were a little confusing so we had to stay an extra day there, but it was a very pleasant place to stay. It was so calm and relaxing there, that just sitting around town with the view of the mountains was enough to keep my interest. I loved it there, and I was really happy we chose to go there.

Onward and Upward,


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