Asia Trip – FAQ’s

How long are you going for?

– About 5 months

Where are you going?

-Alphabetically: Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Nepal, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam

Are you going with a group or something?

– I’m going with my friend Curt and other friends of ours might meet up with us along the way

Are you and Curt dating?

– No

Have you ever dated?

– No

Are you sure? FB_IMG_1436986627390 That kind of looks like two people who are dating.

– Yes, I’m sure.

So you’re just two completely platonic¬†friends traveling together for 5 months?

– Yes.

How are you getting between places?

– Buses, airplanes, ferries, boats, walking, tuktuks.

What are you going to do while you’re over there?

– Meet people, see temples and landscapes, eat cool food, hike trails and mountains, kayak, explore the countryside, eat cool food, read, do yoga, karaoke, eat cool food, etc.

How will you check in with people? Will you have cell service?

– I’ll try to post every few days and will have access to wi-fi. I’ll also have a cheap burner phone just for communicating locally.

Are you sure you and Curt aren’t dating even a little?FB_IMG_1436970931182

– Yes, I’m sure.

How will you know where to go or what to do?

– Travel books and reading lots of blogs.

How did you choose to travel to Asia?

– I’m not actually sure. Both Curt and I think the other person suggested it and we were like “hmm… I’d never think of that…but ok let’s do it”

Are you going to eat bugs?

– Yes

Are you going to be homesick?

– I’ll miss Paul’s burgers and some special people and having my own personal space.



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